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Factory Tour

Full range manufacturing facilities can handle electronics manufacturing services startd from product design to final finished goods
and shipment. Ridecon can not only build your product, but handle every line testing to your requriements. Product Packaging 
to your needs. Strategic sourcing for full box build 
All factory facilities are capable of: 
A, electronics board level prodution (SMT,PCBA)
B, complete electronics assembly prodcution
C, testing and casing, fast to get approvals
D, outlet design and plastic mould making and Parts prodcution

Factory Tour 1: Electronics Production Shop
Electronics PCB Aassembly
10 Temperature Zoon infra-ray S Surface mount technology machin Surface mount technology machin
finish good storage Final package Stream line for assembly , test
Factory Tour 2: Plastics production Shop
Plastic Mold fabrication and Plastic Injection
Drilling and Cutting Machines Plastic Injection Production li Plastic Injection Production li
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