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Ridecon can do Contracted Electronics Manufacturing or Full OEM Product Development
We have a strong engineering team that can follow up and trouble-shoot for the technical issues happen during production.


Electronics manufacturing Flow Chart:

PCB Assembly (Lead Free PCB Assembly,RoHS):
  • Vision aligned solder paste deposition
  • 0201 to uBGA SMT placement capability
  • Pin In Paste (Intrusive Reflow)
  • High velocity forced hot air reflow systems
  • Light-guided work stations for conventional 'thru-hole' PCB assembly
  • Latest dual wave, flow soldering equipment
  • Programmable Selective Soldering
  • Analogue, Digital, RF and Functional test development, operation and debug In house FPGA and EPROM programming
  • Workmanship to IPC-610 class 3 or MIL STD 2000 equivalent
  Final Product Assembly 
  • Assemble your printed circuit boards into finished product box assemblies
  • Provide cabinet, rack and backplane wired assemblies                      
  • Press-fit connectors into high density PCBs & Backplanes                     
  • Provide in house FPGA and EPROM programming facilities                
  • Assemble complex cable forms & harnesses                                         
  • Carry out potting, encapsulation and heat shrinking                             
  • Provide automated 'cut and strip' facilities to ensure accuracy of wire processing
  • Carry out semi-automated wire wrapping of complex assemblies              
  • Provide service and repair facilities for product refurbishment and upgrade              
  • Provide Functionality Testing,                                                                                  
  • Well package and storage and ready to ship
    Quality Systems Includes :
    IPQC,IQC, QA systems ,strict quality control for every components and working stage. From prototype to early production volume we report on:
  •  Production and value engineering to ensure suitability of components and repeatability of the manufacturing process 
  • Generation of manufacturing control documents 
  • Early prototype build and design analysis
  • Design of test fixtures and software development
  • Material traceability & documentation control 
  • Unique product serializations


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